My mission is to help those who suffer from migraines, chronic pain and anxiety. 
I’m so excited about bringing healing, wholeness and lasting peace to others.
I was a 30+ year sufferer of migraines.  I experienced my first migraine at age 7.  Although my desire to alleviate suffering was born in me even at this young age, it took another 20 years before I would come up with a solution.
Decades of migraine medications took their toll on my body.  But my real motivation came from my children.  When they started having headaches and migraine-like pain, I decided that enough was enough.  I was not going to let my precious children endure the chronic pain I had endured my whole life.
I was determined to save my family.
My search for a solution took me deep into the study of natural remedies, and physical and spiritual energies.
And I succeeded!
Migraine Magick™ was born.  It was not just effective pain relief (though it is that, too).  It is an amazingly powerful remedy that:
  • Relieves physical pain
  • Tranforms the negative energy and emotions associated with chronic pain
  • Restores to radiant health and balance
I and my family became the first users of Migraine Magick.  People who knew me noticed a change in me almost immediately.  And they wanted to know my secret.  
I had freedom from migraines and chronic pain. I had my life back!
Now I’m presenting my remedy to the world.
I have found my life’s purpose in creating Migraine Magick, which I call “a high vibrational energy tool that moonlights as a natural migraine/ headache/ anxiety pain reliever.”  It is an effective alternative remedy that combines science and the metaphysical, to bring wholeness to both body and spirit.

Migraine Magick™ is 3 years old and returning many people their lives back.