Having a very stressful 2 weeks, but I have not had a migraine during this stress. Thanks to MM just a quick spritz in the face neck and shoulders. I can feel the ease. Thank Lisa Erickson for making my MM.

Kristin Sampson

"I feel like I need to tell everyone about this ‪#‎migrainemagick.‬ I get Migraines So much and have some bad pain areas. I had a family tragedy today and when I got home I had a ‪#‎migraine‬ starting. I got my mail and in there was my Migraine Magick. I have to tell you I have tried SOOO meny of the natural remedies ‪#‎EssentialOils‬ but not one had worked. I had been looking for a stronger one that is when I found this. I entered a giveaway one the website and won. Lisa and I emailed each other and she sent out my Prize. It worked right way first try my migraine was Gone with in 5 min and 3 sprays. Also I felt my stress of the trauma of the day start to relax away. It has 4 hours since I put it on for the first time, I feel pain free and extremely relaxed. This is a ‪#‎naturalremedy‬ that WORKS. It also has a list of other things it helps with ‪#‎ptsd‬ is one of then. I have #PTSD ‪#‎anxitydisorder‬ ‪#‎panicattcks‬ as well I can tell I won't be able to live without this already."-Jenice Grimes

Jenice Grimes

Good stuff I have it in my office.

Dr. Phillip E. Bleak, DDS

It works, sell it.

Dr. Joseph M. Weinstein

Video Testimonial

Jessica Looney

Migraine Magick has replaced my husband usual headache pills! Yeeee. And my daughter I give it to my daughter as well and she can't believe how quick the results are. The other day it worked for her cold too!

Yoly Walsh

Migraine Magick saved my Christmas Eve from a Migraine!

Mary Ann Martin

Every morning before starting my day I pick up Mi Magick (my name for Migraine Magick, because it is for so much more than just Migraines!) and spritz, every night before going to bed I do the same. This has become part of my ritual, as natural as brushing my teeth, as habitual as drinking my coffee. My stress has been reduced; my tension headaches are more manageable. It is hard for me to imagine now, but my first thoughts when Lisa told me about Migraine Magick were that I would get a bottle to support a friend, maybe it will smell nice, but I did not believe it would be if any benefit to me. I suffer from tension headaches, the kind that start in the shoulders and neck and the radiate up throughout your head. Sometimes the pain so bad all I could do was climb into bed and hide away from the world. As I saw it, the only relief was sleep. Pills only lessened the pain, made me loopy and made normal interactions near impossible, so I avoid taking them if possible. Then came Migraine Magick. Like most people, I was skeptical. I listened to what Lisa had to say about her success with overcoming migraines and when asked if I wanted to try, I thought why the heck not. I did not understand the mechanics of how it worked, but, if nothing else, looking at the ingredients, the aromatherapy would help me relax. The lavender and peppermint alone have helped me in the past – I have used the essential oils in baths, I burn candles with those scents when trying to clear my head. So when the first bottle came I spritzed and thought, “I love this smell!” I jumped in with gusto. I figured if I was going to try this stuff, I was going to follow Lisa’s instructions so that when I told her it wasn’t for me I could honestly say that I tried. At night when I spritzed before going to bed, I would think; relax, relax, relax – in the morning when I spritzed I would think; I love me, today will be a good day. When I started to feel a tension headache, I grabbed Mi Magick and spritzed, spritzed, spritzed. I used the eraser on targeted areas and thought, please let this work. The more I used Mi Magick, the better I began to feel. I noticed that if I used Mi Magick at the onset of tension headaches they became more manageable and I could get through the day without hiding away. Then I realized I was being proactive in my approach to dealing with tension headaches. If I could keep my body and mind in a relaxed enough state then many of the tension headaches would be defeated before they even appeared. For me, Mi Magick is so much more than pain management. It is a lifestyle. It has helped tremendously with my tension headaches, but more than that, it has opened a world of possibilities in centering my mind, body and soul. My journey with Mi Magick has just begun and I cannot wait to find out what other “magic” Lisa has in store for the world. WHAT IS MEDITATION? According to Wikipedia: Meditation is a practice where an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness, either to realize some benefit or for the mind to simply acknowledge its content without becoming identified with that content, or as an end in itself. The term meditation refers to a broad variety of practices that includes techniques designed to promote relaxation, build internal energy or life force (qi, ki, prana, etc.) and develop compassion,love, patience, generosity and forgiveness. A particularly ambitious form of meditation aims at effortlessly sustained single-pointed concentration meant to enable its practitioner to enjoy an indestructible sense of well-being while engaging in any life activity. The word meditation carries different meanings in different contexts. Meditation has been practiced since antiquity as a component of numerous religious traditions and beliefs. Meditation often involves an internal effort to self-regulate the mind in some way. Meditation is often used to clear the mind and ease many health concerns, such as high blood pressure, depression, and anxiety. It may be done sitting, or in an active way—for instance, Buddhist monks involve awareness in their day-to-day activities as a form of mind-training. Prayer beads or other ritual objects are commonly used during meditation in order to keep track of or remind the practitioner about some aspect of that training. Meditation may involve generating an emotional state for the purpose of analyzing that state—such as anger, hatred, etc.—or cultivating a particular mental response to various phenomena, such as compassion. The term "meditation" can refer to the state itself, as well as to practices or techniques employed to cultivate the state. Meditation may also involve repeating a mantra and closing the eyes. The mantra is chosen based on its suitability to the individual meditator. Meditation has a calming effect and directs awareness inward until pure awareness is achieved, described as "being awake inside without being aware of anything except awareness itself." In brief, there are dozens of specific styles of meditation practice, and many different types of activity commonly referred to as meditative practices WHAT IS MANIFESTATION? Stay tuned...coming soon. Richard Rudd, Creative Contemplation; Entheo, Music Sublimation; Elijah Parker, Subliminal Phoenix Mandalas https://youtu.be/199jTzHONZ0

Ann McClain

If your not using Migraine Magick you are missing out!

Ali Akbar

I am so in love with Migraine Magick. I can't even begin to tell you how many migraines I have warded off and in really stressful times with my family!

Debra Morph

So glad to have found you and of course this wonder of Migraine Magick, truly life changing.

Ana Gordon

I can feel the difference in my energy when I go without Migraine Magick for 2 days.

Amy Kodak

Can't say enough his Migraine Magick has changed my life. Everyone that knows me knows the horrible migraines I have suffered with. I have been using MM since Lisa Erickson started making it. I am happy to report that I have gone over a year since my last botox injections!

Kristin Sampson

Day 5 of using Migraine Magick and it seems to really be helping. Thank you Lisa!

Daniela Pasquale